Darius Lewis Wants To Play for Trinidad and Tobago

This is Darius Lewis. If you’re not familiar with him, I could understand why.

Darius Lewis is a 19 year old professional footballer who currently applies his trades in the Faroe Islands Premier League. Don’t know where the Faroe Islands is. Me neither. Let’s find it:

There it is! Feel free to zoom out to get a better picture.

Lewis was born in Port. St. Lucie Florida. He played youth football with the Philadelphia Union for three years. He had 21 goals over his three seasons playing for the Union at the U17 and U19 age groups after joining the academy from FC Florida in 2015. He graduated from YSC Academy in 2018.

In the Faroe Islands Premier League where he plays for Klaksvíkar Ítróttarfelag (let’s call it KÍ for short) he has so far scored 3 goals in 9 appearances and in the domestic cup he has appeared in 3 matches and has a goal according to Transfermarkt. KÍ also made it the 2nd qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League where they were knocked out by Swizz club Luzern.

Darius Lewis vs. B36 Tórshavn

Lewis has expressed his desire to represent Trinidad and Tobago in international football, according to T&T Sport Diary. However he believes that he is not on the TTFA’s radar.

“I am a born American but recently got my Trinidad citizenship last year as both my parents are from Trinidad and Tobago. I want to represent the red, white and black proudly but I’m not getting much notice.”

“I’m a creative and skilful attacking midfielder/winger who would love to bring something different to Trinidad Football and change the direction it’s going if I can get a chance to be noticed!” 

— Darius Lewis, 2019

This would also make it the 2nd player that is playing overseas who has expressed their interest in playing for the Trinidad and Tobago Men’s National team. The other player being Watford’s Academy Player of the Season, Daniel Phillips who has been offered a professional contract with the club.

He was also specific in that he wants to play for the Men’s Senior team, seeing that he is playing and training with a club. He’s hoping to be on the team before the CONCACAF Nations League.

”I play big men’s football across here and I want an opportunity to play for T&T Men’s Senior team and I hope the coach can see me before the Concacaf Nations League in September.”

Darius Lewis, 2019

If I were the TTFA I would jump at the opportunity for any international talent that would want to represent Trinidad and Tobago in football. The National team is ageing and some of our top players are going on the other side of their careers. Young and willing players like Darius Lewis and Daniel Phillips are training with experienced footballers and playing against other clubs when their opportunities come. Meanwhile, Trinidad and Tobago’s youth players are playing against each other in the Secondary Schools Football League.

Their experience and quality of football would be vastly superior to that of the U-20 players here. Most importantly, they could contribute to the Men’s team immediately. Maybe not Daniel Phillips immediately because he has yet to play against senior opposition, but Darius Lewis for sure. Do the right thing TTFA. Didn’t you say that The Future Is Now?