TTO Cycling Goes Golden At PanAm Games

Trinidad and Tobago copped their second medal at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. A Gold Medal.

Cyclists Keron Bramble, Njisane Phillip and Nicolas Seepaul clocked in a winning gold medal time of 43.972 in the Men’s Team Sprint event in the Videna Cycling Veledrome.

Bram­ble timed in at 17.938 in lap one (250m), Phillip clocked in at 12.655 for the sec­ond lap and Paul made 13.379 in the third lap.

They beat Colombia who settled for silver after posting their time of 44.584. Mexico had two false starts in the 3rd place medal race, thus disqualifying them and giving the bronze medal to Brazil.

Nicholas Seepaul and Njisane Phillip aren’t quite done in Peru however, as they look to ride their momentum into Men’s Sprint Qualifying at 12:05 local time.

All Photos via PanAm Sports